Giggle India

Giggle India

“The truth is you don’t live through memories, you create moments to become gratitude filled memories and it is a tiring process” and we get it done.

The art of conducting rather creating events is one arduous job and building it behind the curtain,  assembling all the minor things that just would matter enough, coordinate with hundreds if not  thousands of people to make a dream moment come true and seeing it all happen can only be done  with one extraordinary event manager, as they’re called 

And to make the job a little easier for the extraordinary, Giggle takes up your job to find you the  perfect team of volunteers, hosts/hostess. Emcees, bartenders, bouncers and much more. As we say  “Events with Ease” but only in Bengaluru, if you may. If you happen to be conducting an event in  The Garden City of India you’d need a team of young professionals from the city to make your events  lively as ever, you may tell us your needs and specifications and we would find you the best  freelancers for all you events. All the young professionals have been trained to manage and work on  events effectively, you will be shared with their profiles to choose from.  

In case you’re wondering, we do it “to make your dream moments possible.” 

This story of Giggle will be narrated differently by five protagonists of the tale, but I bet all the  stories will end something like “and then we did it” and that’s how with the end part of the stories  we made a whole brand. The idea of Giggle was found by an urgent need for some quick cash by a  bunch of pandemic-stuck college students in the year 2020 and then they thought we mustn’t be  alone and found students like themselves low on sleep still high on passion, low on definition yet  high on purpose, and then they started to search for Gigs that they could do to afford the lavish  culture of Bangalore and the financial freedom.  

The event Industry turned out to be the best place to show off their skills and talents while learning  so much from the professionals. We saw the great potential in the industry to make freelance job  opportunities for students like themselves. The journey continued till they made an online platform  for students to find offline freelance job opportunity without happening to worry about “will I really  be paid?” Only the beginning of the tale of Giggle has been written and you get the story going….


Giggle collects all data of freelancers while campaigning in colleges and educating students to  become self-reliable and financially free. We introduce them to the concept of “Offline Freelancing” where student will be able to showcase their talents and learn in the professional environment. It is  most beneficial for students pursuing Hospitality and Catering Management and Travel and Tourism  Management. It’s similar to internship programmes only well paid and shorter. The freelancing  world is not just restrained to students, it’s a great opportunity for people looking for work part-time  to make use of their spare time. 

The freelancers are then trained to work in professional environment under the supervision of event  managers to give best outcomes. All the profiles are collected from freelancers so the profiles can be  forwarded to event managers to select from as per their needs and requirements. 

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